Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Help Save the Blue Like Jazz Movie

I am working on a second post but in my Recovering Abandoned Places project, but in the meantime I wanted to write a quick post a little off the nature and subject of this blog but important to me. It all starts with a book, one that is at once brilliant, hopeful, honest, and at least a little controversial, a book that stirred someplace deep in the hearts of many Christians - particularly of my generation. For me it helped redefine spirituality and blurred my "black and white" beliefs with lots of healthy grays. I'm talking about Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz. I've known for sometime that Don was in the midst of transforming it into a movie (he wrote A Million Miles in a Thousand Years about this process), and his blog and tweets kept us in the loop as to much of the progress. A few weeks ago I and many others read a disturbing and saddening post on his blog: the movie, which had a full screen play and casting completed, was on hold indefinitely due to a lack of financing. I couldn't believe it. Today I learned that a few fans of Don put together a movement to try to raise the remaining funds from fans and friends and social networking. We have less than a month to raise the money before filming is due to start. I wish I could give more, but all God's given me to work with is prayers, twitter, facebook, and the humble blog post. This is a movie that needs to be seen, as story that needs to be told.
Sorry for the longwinded post
Please visit: Save Blue Like Jazz
If you are unfamiliar with Donald Miller, read his blog HERE

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